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Calling all vendors!

Updated: Apr 2

The Nampa and District Museum giftshop. We are looking for merchandise to sell that was made or produced in Northern Sunrise County, Nampa, or the broader Peace Country.

Some examples of merchandise are: candles, books by local authors, soaps, jewellery, art, prints, pottery, handwoven or knitted items, some types of household décor, collectables and souvenirs. We have a small shop so we are limited to the amount of stock we can take from any one vendor.

Consignment is our preferred method for stocking our gift shop since we have a very limited budget. How that works at the Museum:

  • Items are taken on consignment for 1 year (can be negotiated for longer or shorter periods of time)

  • Consignment rates are 10% on in-person sales .

  • Consignment sales are tallied quarterly (beginning of April, July, Oct, Jan) and if any of your items were sold, you will receive a cheque in the mail.

There are some circumstances based on the nature of your merchandise where we would purchase items outright depending on quantity, price and the type of item. This would be negotiated between the Museum and the Vendor.

Based on past experience our visitors, both local and from away, want to buy unique items that are made or reflect the Peace Country.

Vendors should also include business cards, or branded stickers for their business or art.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in please get in touch!


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