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Nampa, Alberta

a place close to the Heart

The community’s history began in 1916, when the Edmonton, Dunvegan and British Columbia Railway (ED&BC) surveyed and began building a railline from McLennan to Peace River. Nampa was determined to be an ideal spot for a water tank since it was so close to the Heart River. The little community soon sported a store, hotel, and post office. In 1921, Canada Post officials pressured the community to take an official name (it had been going by the name The Tank). Nampa was chosen as a name, and was approved by the postal authorities. It obtained village status in 1958. 


The Museum shares the Nampa Civic Centre with the Village of Nampa and Nampa Sunrise Cafe. Museums are an important part of enhancing community life. If you’d like to volunteer with us let us know.

The Peace Country is a great place to visit, live and work

Village of Nampa

A place close to the Heart. The growth of the village has been, and continues to be, closely involved with agriculture.

Northern Sunrise County

21,000 square miles of wilderness and farmland, including small hamlets and villages, providing endless adventure and economic potential.

Mighty Peace Tourism

Memories are made in the Mighty Peace. If you're coming our way check out some of the other great places to stay, visit and explore.

Spirit of the peace museums

Nampa Museum is just one of over twenty museums that interpret the history of the Peace Country. Explore them all!

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