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The Main Floor of the Museum is representative of what the Nampa and area offered in the past. Our collection includes artefacts from local businesses, settler families, schools, churches and sports teams.

Coming in 2024, the upstairs of the Museum will feature several galleries such as Industry, Indigenous and Farming history.

Our Exhibits Include


Examples of local wildlife - past and present.

Indigenous history

Coming Soon

Settler History

Settlers started flocking to the Peace River Country in the 1910s, advertised as ‘The Last Great West’.



Donating to our Collection

Do you have objects that you would like to donate to us? The Nampa and District Museum actively collects materials that relate to life and history in the Village of Nampa and Northern Sunrise County. If you or a family member have photographs, household objects, art, textiles or other items you would like to gift to our collection, please get in touch. We ask that you call, we will ask you to provide photos and as much information as you can on the items you are considering gifting to us.   All donations must meet our collections mandate.


Please DO NOT leave items outside the museum. We need all prospective donors to sign a deed of gift form.  Items dropped off without the appropriate paperwork will be considered abandoned property and disposed of accordingly.


Please note the museum does not accept permanent loans.

Our Collections Mandate

The Nampa and District Museum's collection mandate is to collect and preserve items from the Village of Nampa and the surrounding districts that make up the County of Northern Sunrise. 

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