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This Week In History - 01 Mar 1946

01 March 1946, Peace River Record Gazette


RENO, Feb. 26—Bert Ackerman has gone to Edmonton to attend the co-op school being held there.

Nick Johnson’s “caterpillar” and brush cutter arrived this week. All the children and most of the men spent the afternoon admiring it.

With all the “cats” and brush cutters coming into this district it leaves many poor trees shaking at their roots.

Miss Dayck’s sister, who has been visiting here since Christmas has now taken over the position of assistant postmistress.

Pt. Mike Bambush returned to camp, on last Saturday’s train.

Albert Smuhl spent last week with Mr. and Mrs. Sneddon in Peace River.

It seems moving is the order of the day. It could easily be musical chairs by the speed of things. Douglas Sinclair is moving from Gauvreau’s old store into the Day house. Jack Ross and family are moving into their own house while Mr. and Mrs. Breese are moving into Gauvreau’s store.

Our gratitude to volunteer Lois Stranaghan who transcribed all the articles for 1946.

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