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This Week In History - 22 Feb 1946

22 February 1946, Peace River Record Gazette


RENO, Feb. 18- Bingo was played in the Harmon Valley Community hall , Valentine’s day. The gathering was a great success, proceeds being $27.00.

The whist party Feb 16 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Whitney to raise funds for the improvements of Little Prairie burial ground was attended by many. The house was crowded and an enjoyable evening was spent. The prizes were given to L. Nagy and W. Rothwell and consolation to j. Ackerman and Mrs. H. Stuffco. Another whist drive will be held Saturday, March 2, to get enough money for the desired improvements. The members of the Little Prairie Church wish to thank all who helped to make the evening a success. Donations were given by Mrs. MacDonald, $3.00, Mr. and Mrs. D. Sneddon, Reno, Mr. and Mrs. Hawley, 50 cents; Clarence Bjork, $1.00, whist drive proceeds $9.00.

The weather has been mild these last few days and the roads are getting decent for sleighing and trucking.

T. Stuffco went over the highway in this district with his tractor and snowplowed it for the benefit of those going to Peace River.

M. Whitney and son Roy are in Peace River on business.


NAMPA, Feb. 14—The following is an account of the wedding of the former Miss Lucille Jones, Hamilton, Ont. And L. Cpl. Cal Williams, which took place at 3 p.m. December 26.

The bride wore a blue wool afternoon dress, white accessories, silver slippers and white lace, Dutch style hat. Her flowers were a beautiful nosegay of white daisies, pink rosebuds with other small flowers and fern tied with wide white ribbons edged in blue.

The bridesmaid, Mrs. Doris Needham, sister of the bride, was attired in a pale green silk street length dress and dutch hat to match. She wore a corsage of talisman roses and fern tied with blue and silver ribbons.

The bride was given in marriage by her brother, Pte. Edwin Jones.

The groom was supported by Sarg. Everett Ott, Cameron Highlanders, Ottawa, brother-in-law of the bride.

The ceremony was performed by Rev. Canon John Samuels at St. Stephens on the Mt. Anglican church.

Rev. Canon Samuels christened Mrs. Williams when an infant.

The wedding cake was of three tiers.

Lt.Cpl. and Mrs. Williams visited several Eastern Canadian cities and Niagara Falls on their honeymoon. They have been visiting the grooms folks here since the third week in January.

Welcome to Mrs. Alex McConnell and small son , who recently arrived from England to join Mr. McConnell.

Mr. and Mrs. H. Bell, Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Hawley and Russell were guests of Mrs. Albert Bell on the occasion of her birthday, February 2.

Tom Bell is employed in British Columbia and expects to build his future home there. Tom has sold his farm here to his brother Albert.

Pte Richard Hawley’s last letter home says he is now on guard duty at Wolf Creek, Alta.


SPRINGBURN, Feb. 19- The tie peelers are coming to Springburn for their annual work.

Bert “Red” Helegson and Albert Johnson, Little Prairie, are peeling ties.

Mr and Mrs. John Stasow have returned from the coast after two weeks holiday.

Geo. Goulet and family were recent visitors to Springburn.

Frank Meindle, Manola, Alta. Is the new section foreman.

Mr. and Mrs. Sherris and family were recent visitors to Springburn, guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. Anderberg.

We all like the heavy fall of snow.

Our gratitude to volunteer Lois Stranaghan who transcribed all the articles for 1946.

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