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This Week In History - 15 Feb 1946

15 February 1946, Peace River Record Gazette


JUDAH, Feb. 11- Walter Teschie arrived Saturday after receiving his discharge from the army.

Robert Jensen is in the district looking over the farm which he recently purchased.

Pte. Glen Bach returned to Dundurn, Sask., after spending two weeks holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Bach.

Jack Sanderson left for Smith’s Mill , Dixonville, where he expects to be employed until spring work commences.

Mrs. G.B. Andrews and Lawrence spent last week with Ronald and Richard in the Judah district. The boys are attending Judah school.

Robert Jensen is looking after Mr. Martin Vogolsang’s farm, while Mr. Vogolsang is undergoing an operation in an Edmonton hospital.

Wm. Forster has returned from Edmonton. Mr. Forster was in an Edmonton hospital receiving treatment for malaria.

P.N. Hills has received his British Empire Medal. Mr. Hills was unable to attend the presentations, which took place in Edmonton at the beginning of the year.

Bill Williams is at present working for Albert Skuboviius.

In spite of the cold weather and drifted roads there is an almost complete attendance at Judah school.

Our gratitude to volunteer Lois Stranaghan who transcribed all of the articles for 1946.

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