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This Week In History - 16 Nov 1945

16 November 1945, Peace River Record Gazette


RENO, Nov. 5- Ray Whitney is doing a lot better after his accident while plowing. He took a good rest for a week, and we are glad to see him around as usual.

We hear Charlie Novsek is back in the district from Eastern Canada.

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Foster moved from Henry Jerry’s farm last week to their own farm near Peace River.

The pie social at Little Prairie last Saturday was quite a success. They collected over $50 for the benefit of the annual Christmas tree.

Harmon Valley will hold their box social on Friday, the 9th. We hope for a big crowd, and a good time for the children’s Christmas tree as we will have a lot of presents from Santa Claus this year, if he is able to get so far.

M. Whitney and Gladys were visitors to Peace River Friday.

Word has been received from England that one of our neighbours and church worker, of Little Prairie Church, is slowly recovering from a serious illness. Paralysis of the nerves. Mrs. Gittens was a very conscientious worker for our W.A. of the Anglican Church a few years ago. We hope she has a speedy recovery.


L. Sinclair arrived in Reno last week to visit his brother, Douglas.

Mrs. Hilda Rowe and Curtis have taken up residence in the back of the post office. Mrs. Rowe is to be the new assistant post mistress.

Bert Ackerman is to take over management of the Reno Co-op. No. 19.

Mrs. Alvin Callin was taken to hospital Monday with a sore throat.

Marshall Bekevich and Alvin Callin returned home Saturday morning. It must be a case of no place like home.

Steve Hawryluk and Jack Ross have been busy sawing wood this week. The recent cold spell has made everyone think of the cold days ahead.

Mr. Happy was a business visitor to Peace River Tuesday.

School in the senior room was closed Wednesday afternoon on account of the stove smoking so badly. When the pipes were cleaned the stove carried on as if nothing had happened much to the disgust of the boys.


NAMPA, Nov. 13- The Reno Co-operative Store will be under the management of Bert Ackerman starting November 19.

Estelle “Bill” Williams returned from Calgary Saturday the 10th, having received his discharge from the army.

Bill Kolebaba is a patient in the Peace River hospital.

It is too bad the night of November 3, Little Prairie’s pie social for the children’s Christmas fun, was one of bad weather. Regardless they took in $50.

A young returned man and family from Nanton, Alta., has bought the Percy Williams and R. Hay sr., quarter sections and expects to move here shortly.


RENO, Nov. 7- Mrs. Wanous and Scottie have returned to their home in Peace River after visiting here for several weeks.

The masquerade held to raise funds for the Christmas tree was well attended by local folks. Only a few outsiders were present due to the stormy night. Costumes prized were awarded as follows: Mrs. Ackerman, best dressed lady, as a Gypsy; Dave Sneddon, best dressed man, as the devil; Mrs. Ross and Viola McConnell as Westerners. Others had fair chances of winning prizes but they unmasked before midnight. Proceeds after expenses were paid amounted to about six dollars.

Marshall Bekevich and Alvin Callan left for parts unknown by Tuesday’s train. Mrs. Callan is staying with her parents while her husband is away.

Mary Powosnik has resigned her position as assistant in the Reno post office.

Sam Forestburg was a visitor to Reno between trains recently.

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