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This Week In History - 25 May 1945

Record Gazette, 25 May 1945


Nampa, May 18 – A pleasant evening was spent at the Walter Wanous home on the farm May 15 by a few neighbours, it being the occasion of Mr. Wanous’s 53rd birthday. Mrs. Wanous planted a tree in honor of the event. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Dave Sneddon, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Bell, Mr. Albert Bell, Mr. and Mrs. Adam Becker and small daughter Connie, Mr. Becker’s brother, sister-in-law and little son, on a visit here from the farming district of Medicine Hat, and MR. and Mrs. Ray H. Hawley.

One couple which thought they knew the country got off on the wrong road on the way home and nearly drove in the creek.

All enjoyed a delicious lunch as a conclusion to a pleasant evening.

Mrs. Alex Kolibaba and new baby son recently arrived home from the hospital.

The greater part of the wheat seeding was completed around the 15th and oat seeding will mostly over the week May 20. There are quite a few gardens yet to go on, also potatoes.

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