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This Week In History - 27 April 1945

Record Gazette, 27 April 1945


(held over from last week)

NAMPA, April 18 – Two ladies of this district packed their husbands lunches this week and forgot to put in the silverware. That didn’t stop the boys from eating however. They borrowed a hay knife from a passerby to cut their bread and spread it with a screwdriver.

Miss June Hassel is sick.

Douglas Crawford, Dennis and Jim Day, Reno, were business visitors in the district last Saturday.

Word has been received here that Jack Dell, formerly a well known farmer in this district, is in hospital in Edmonton.

Our side roads are still muddy.

George Rowe and Archie Crawford, Reno, were business visitors in the district Tuesday night.

George Hill has taken over the school van.

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