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This Week In History - 09 Mar 1945

Record Gazette, 09 Mar 1945


NAMPA, March 2 – Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hawley received official word February 24 their son, Gnr [Gunner] Russell David Hawley, had been wounded in action. They are anxiously awaiting further word as to nature and extent of wounds. It has just lately been published the wire received in July that Russell was wounded in France, was an error.

Bert Ackerman has purchased the Woodcock quarter-section.

So much snow and general cold weather this year reminds us of our winters 20 years ago. Although our calendar tells us it should not be long until the first blue bird and pussy-willow buds appear. How we will welcome them as the spring unfolds we will be filled with new hope as always.

Seeing so many neighbours pass this morning to attend the sale on the Coutts place looks like our neighbors are looking forward to their spring needs.

The Gus Cliche place has been sold to Adam Becker.

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