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This Week In History - 30 Nov 1945

30 November 1945, Peace River Record Gazette

Veterans Show Much Interest in Farms

Notable Increase in Applications During November

Increased activity under the Veterans Land Act has been noted during the month of November as more than 40 applications for land have been received, with the advisory committee passing on prospective farmers throughout the month.

This activity is expected to be further increased during succeeding weeks as applications are now being received for provincial lands. Under such applications the V.L.A. committee is augmented by a member of the provincial committee, the three district representatives being R. Cruickshank, O.G. Bratvoid, L. Gareau.

A change in the Act has been made whereby N.R.M.A. men are now eligible for settlement upon their meeting conditions of the Act the same as veterans who have returned from overseas. They must also have information as to prospective locations for men with overseas service are being given priority for land which has been purchased under the Act.

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